Chinese opera showed in Bangkok, Thailand
Snowfall brings beauty in Beijing winter
Jiangxi exhibits dazzling Haihuhou cemetery finds
Mount Huashan in beautiful winter fog
Top 10 cultural relic protection projects of 2014
Wuyishan Mountain holds zen-tea cultural festival

Cultural exchanges bring China and CEE countries together

The Second China-Central and Eastern European (CEE) Countries Cultural Cooperation Forum establishes an important platform for the cultural exchange between China and CEE countries

Thanksgiving Day with friends on ‘Friends’

Thanksgiving Day on TV series "Friends" always was a day when unexpected, annoying things happened, yet the episode still ended in happiness and forgiveness.

Dancers from Denmark and China perform classic ballet

Top dancers from National Ballet of China and Royal Danish Ballet performed the noted classical ballet La Sylphide last Friday and Saterday at Tianqiao Theater in Beijing.

London applauds Peking Opera closing show

After performing three days at London's Sadler's Wells Theatre, the China National Peking Opera Company made their final curtain call to the applause of the international audience on Nov. 22.

Like ancient village in Yunnan holds onto historic legacy

Preliminary research says this ancient village was founded in the Ming Dynasty and it retains over 30 traditional residential complexes that originated in the Ming and Qing dynasties.