Kashgar old city in Xinjiang is well preserved
Minions visit Great Wall in Beijing
Chinese Opera 'Legend of White Snake' performed on Finnish stage
Traditional 'Anzhaonadun' festival celebrated in Qinghai
Gifts of love in ancient China
Amazing scenes of autumn

Love in the time of war

Love has its challenges in times of war. For some, it is a luxury that few can own; for others, it is a faith that life depends on.

Tuning in to war

After a flood of exaggerated dramas about fighting Japanese aggression, Chinese TV is presenting the conflict through a more thoughtful lens, Xu Fan reports.

China honors writer and war martyr

Wars are fought as much on wits as weapons, and Chinese writer Yu Dafu used his to great effect when his country was under threat from Japanese invaders.

Private museum struggles to survive in Shanghai

20 private museums in Shanghai struggles to survive because of lack of policy and finacial support.

Diverse Chinese performances light up Helsinki Festival

Focus China project came to an end on Sunday in Helsinki, capital of Finland. More than 400 Chinese artists participated in the event.


Chinese-Russian youth symphony orchestra held at NCPA in Beijing

A joint performance by the Chinese and Russian youth symphony orchestra has been held at the National Center for Performing Art in Beijing on Wednesday night.