Chinese New Year celebrated with fireworks in New York

Photo taken on Feb 6, 2016 from Weehawken of New Jersey, the United States, shows the fireworks over Manhattan of New York celebrating the Chinese lunar New Year.

A guide to Beijing museums during Spring Festival

During the seven days' Spring Festival holiday, except for visiting friends and relatives, you can also go to temple fairs or museums to experience the "New Year atmosphere".

Performers take part in Chinese New Year Parade in Brussels

Performers take part in the Chinese New Year Parade in Brussels, Belgium, Feb 6, 2016.

Flash mob in monkey costumes appears in NYC to mark Chinese New Year

A flash mob featuring a hundred performers in monkey costumes makes an appearance to celebrate the arrival of the Chinese New Year in Times Square on Manhattan, New York, the United States, Feb 6, 2016.

Japanese actors join Chinese New Year celebration

A Peking opera and Kunqu opera cultural show was held in Tokyo to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year at the China Cultural Center on Feb 2.


Peking Opera finds a colorful new canvas

Dressed in lavish costumes, makeup and exquisite headdresses, two actresses from China National Peking Opera Company, perform extracts from two well-known Peking Opera works.