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An ancient civilized nation and a great country on the East Asian continent, China has created a unique, outstanding traditional Chinese Culture. China's architectural art is a particularly beautiful branch in the tree of Chinese civilization.

Architecure and Philosophy

Towers and Pagodas in Harmony with Nature
TheYueyangTower is on the west bank ofDongting Lakein Yueyang, Hunan.

Confucianism in the Mausoleum Architectures
The mausoleum specifically refers to a type of structure for burying emperors, with the top of the tomb smeared with mud.

Gardens and Confucianism, Taoism and Chan Buddhism
Garden design is an art in China. It is worth noting that the Chinese garden is somewhat different from its counterparts in the rest of the world.

The Confucius Reflection upon Religious Structures
Confucian rationality concentrates on concern about the harmony and stability of the order of man's world.
Arcitecture and Chinese Culture

· Architecture and Hierarchy
· Cultural Characteristics
· Architecture and Colors

· Architecture and Numbers
· Architecture and Fengshui
· Voice of Architecture
Architectural Wonders of China

· The Great Wall - Monument to the Chinese Nation
· The Forbidden City
· Ming Tombs
· Summer Palace

· Suzhou Gardens
· Temple of Heaven
· Anji Bridge, the Oldest Stone Arched Bridge
Ornamental Architecture

· Screen Walls
· Ancient Arches (Paifang)
· Fanciful Latticework on Doors and Windows

· Architectural Woodcarving and Tea House Culture
· Zoomorphic Ornaments
· Gate Blocks
Minority Architecural Art

· The Architectural Art of Tibetan Buddhism
· The Architectural Art of Dai Nationality

· The Architectural Art of Uygur Nationality
· Architecture Art of Dong Nationality
Local Characteristic Residence

· Beijing's Siheyuan
· Small Yard Houses
· The "la-roomed" houses

· Free-Style Houses
· Cave Dwellings
· Hakka Group Houses
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