Cultural exchanges bring China and Central and Eastern Europe together
Dancers from Denmark and China perform classic ballet
Chinese opera showed in Bangkok, Thailand
Snowfall brings beauty in Beijing winter
Jiangxi exhibits dazzling Haihuhou cemetery finds
Mount Huashan in beautiful winter fog

Cultural exchanges bring China and CEE countries together

The Second China-Central and Eastern European (CEE) Countries Cultural Cooperation Forum establishes an important platform for the cultural exchange between China and CEE countries

Chinese puppet show lights up children’s drama festival

The 2nd China Children’s Drama Festival was held from Nov 21 to 23 in Berlin, Germany, treating youngsters and adults to a display of traditional Chinese puppetry.

Nobel winner's hometown to hold Tu Youyou exhibition

A special exhibition on Nobel Prize winner Tu Youyou will open this Saturday in Tu's hometown of Ningbo, Zhejiang province.

Buddha statue still not returned to China

After eight months contact with the Dutch collector, the villagers of Yangchun in Fujian province failed to get back the mummy Buddha statue of Patriarch Zhanggong which was stolen in 1995 from the Puzhao Temple in their village.

Artist emerges from seclusion after abstract exploration

Snowfall in Beijing brought a chilly draft to the capital, while also adding fun and beauty to the bleak winter. Artist Xu Dongdong was even more excited as the snow is a perfect material for his painting.