When ancient Buddhism meets modern technology
Scenery of autumn harvest around China
2,566th anniversary of Confucius' birthday marked in Shandong
A visit to Dayang ancient town in Shanxi
Models present Tibetan fashion
Traditional Chinese wedding held in Shanghai

Exquisite ancient Chinese glass wares

Glass, one of the oldest man-made materials, carries a history of more than 2000 years in China. Let's look at some exquisite glass wares from ancient China.

The 14th Asia Arts Festival singles out its logo and mascot

The 14th Asia Arts Festival, which will formally kick off in November in Quanzhou, the largest city in southeastern Fujian province, unveiled its logo and mascot on Monday.

Traditional art form gets new lease of life

It's around 8 pm. The streets are quiet. For most of Heze, a city in East China's Shandong province, which is known as the main center for the cultivation of the national flower peony, it is the end of another day.

Annaud 'stupefied' by Academy's decision

Director Jean-Jacques Annaud said he was "stupefied" as Academy Award organizers dropped his Sino-French co-production Wolf Totem from the Oscar race for being insufficiently Chinese.

Royal treat

From the luxurious bedrooms of the mothers of kings to personal worship areas filled with Buddha statures, the Palace Museum is showing us a different side of imperial China.


The 18th BMF opens with 'When East meets West' concert

Opening night of the 18th Beijing Music Festival took place at Forbidden City Concert Hall on Thursday with a concert under the baton of Yu Long who stands as the founder and art director of BMF.