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Chinese Skating Association


The Chinese Skating Association (CSA), originally belonged to Chinese Sports Association, became an independent organization in 1980. Headquartered inBeijing, it is a voluntary, non-governmental, nonprofit organization. CSA is a member of the All-China Sports Federation, and became a formal member of the International Skating Union in 1956. It is the only skating organization on the national level inChina.

Tasks of the CSA are:

* to organize public activities;

* to work out development plan, management rules, and competition systems;

* to organize national and international games and enhance international exchanges,

* to select and recommend athletes and coaches for the national teams;

* to organize training of the national teams and assist their participation in international games;

* to organize training programs for athletes, coaches, and judges;

* to conduct research programs.

Under the CSA there are the National Committee, the Standing Committee, the Secretariat, the Coaches Committee, the Research Committee, the Judges Committee and the Publicity Committee.

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