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Shuidonggou Site


The Shuidonggou Site is located near Shuidonggou in Lingwu County, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

The Shuidonggou Site is one of the earliest sites found in China belonging to the Paleolithic Age. In 1920, a Belgium priest discovered the skull of a wooly rhinocerosand well-preserved quartzite stoneware east of Shuidonggou. Repeat excavations and research since the 1960s have identified Shuidonggou Site as a site of the late Paleolithic Age dating back some 400,000 years.

Over 10,000 pieces of stoneware were discovered at the site, mainly made of silicon rock, quartzite, sandstone and firestone. Most of the items were processed from stone flakes or long, flat stones, and made into scraping implements. 

Also discovered at the site were bone awls made of animal bone flakes. The ornaments found at the site were made of ostrich eggshells with polished edges. Fire pits were also discovered at the site.

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